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With over 13 years of success, we can help with your project.

Our core team’s history is an university education and degrees in computing science and business administration, team members have had years of experience working in the industry for tech companies. We have also worked on our own online projects as well as with startups.

Our work process

We believe that we can best help and support any organization by first understanding the needs, both technical and business, of the organization and its stakeholders. By being involved in the initial meetings and knowing the long-term vision & strategy we can understand the bigger picture in order to provide appropriate suggestions.

DCL takes an iterative approach to design and development. During the project, we come back with an initial (or multiple) prototype in order to get feedback and adjust accordingly. We continue this process until the objective is met and the parties are satisfied. 

We’re also understand this approach could lead to new discoveries and scope along the way. For this, we usually include a set number of hours to handle requests along the way. This helps keep the project on-budget while helping clients achieve their desired end-product.

After the website launches, DCL will continue to support you with both technical and strategic aspects. From a technical standpoint, we offer monthly updates on the core website code followed by a round of testing. We can also monitor the server and work with the host for any upgrades and changes in underlying technologies to allow you peace of mind.

Aside from a provided user guide on the website, our team will also be available for content updates, bug fixes, training and general support. Damian and a web specialist will be your main points of contact.

We would also be happy to attend scheduled meetings to discuss website changes or communications strategies to ensure that it is reflective of where the organization wants to go. 

While working with similar clients in the industry, we occasionally encounter new methods or tools that might benefit you. We would review and pass any applicable suggestions.

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